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How to contribute to a better tomorrow by using eco-friendly bags

Our mother earth is suffering from plastic pollution which is directly affecting the  environment and marine life to a great extent. By using reusable bags like jute bags instead of plastic bags we can contribute to a better tomorrow.

One of the easiest way to do this is  to switch from single-use plastic bags to reusable bags. This will help cut down on the number of plastic bags that end up in landfills and oceans. Reusable bags such as jute bags  come in all shapes, sizes, and materials and can easily be taken along wherever you go.A typical jute bag  will safely hold 25-30 lbs while some of the bags can hold 40 lbs whereas it is estimated that a single-use plastic bag can hold up to 17 pounds which clearly states the difference. Plastic bags are difficult and costly to recycle and most end up on landfill sites where they take around 300 years to photodegrade. They break down into tiny toxic particles that contaminate the soil and waterways and enter the food chain when animals accidentally ingest them. Whereas if we come to jute bags they are 100 % biodegradable in nature and has a relatively low environmental impact.Jute bags  can be recycled or composted also if they do end up in a landfill they will safely breakdown with no ill effects.Life span of plastic bags are very very long . Since microbes degrade most plastics very slowly (and some not at all), these plastic rocks on Earth could be preserved for at least 10,000 years, and probably much longer, up to millions of years hence affecting marine life in great instances. In the same way jute bags A reusable bag, such as a jute bag takes only a few weeks to decompose.Producing plastic is cheap, however, it is done using a variety of toxic chemicals and colours. This can cause harm to the environment. Jute bags are made by turning raw jute fibres into fabric

Once the fibres have been extracted from the stalks the real bag making process begins. Jute fibres are carded ready for spinning into thread and weaving into fabric. Carding is a mechanical process in which fibres are converted into long continuous ribbons of fibre ready to be spun.