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10 pcs burlap rustic envelope for wedding invitation with paper tags – jute envelope for wedding gift

10 pcs burlap rustic envelope for wedding invitation with paper tags – jute envelope for wedding gift

$ 35

Introducing our burlap envelope favor bag, crafted from high-quality burlap material, with dimensions approximately 14×19 cm (5.55×7.48 inches). Each order includes cut organza ribbon for you to fashion delightful bows around the envelopes, adding an extra touch of charm.

These versatile envelopes offer a myriad of creative possibilities. Elevate the presentation of letters, invitations, and similar cards by placing them within these rustic yet elegant envelopes. Beyond correspondence, these envelopes can also serve as charming gift packaging for special occasions, allowing you to convey your heartfelt sentiments to loved ones with a distinctive and thoughtful touch. Explore the endless ways to infuse your personal touch into every presentation.

Factory Rate Applicable For Any Purchase Over 200 USD or 50 Quantity. Request For Quote To Know More.

Estimated delivery between 2024/06/17 - 2024/06/27

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