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Jute Table Mats and Runners

Jute Vintage Natural Table Runner

Jute Vintage Natural Table Runner

$ 15

BRAND NEW Unopened Jute Linen Vintage Natural Table Runner. Original packaging.

This Jute Linen Vintage Natural Table Runner adds a touch of rustic elegance to your dining table or any surface you choose. With its natural jute and linen blend, it brings a warm and inviting atmosphere to your home, making every meal a special occasion!

Introducing the BRAND NEW Unopened Jute Linen Vintage Natural Table Runner! Sealed in its original packaging, this finely crafted and eco-friendly table runner is ready to enhance your dining experience with its timeless charm.

Why is this Jute Linen Vintage Natural Table Runner so great? It’s because of its elegance and versatility. The table runner’s natural jute and linen blend exudes a rustic and vintage vibe that complements various decor styles.Jute Runner Width: 30cm (or 12inches)
Medium Rough 10oz (approx 270gsm)
Choose your length from the drop-down menu or contact for a custom order.
The maximum available length is 98.5 ft (1181 inch, 30 meters)

Please message if you have any questions! Here to help!

Tags: Jute Linen Vintage Natural Table Runner, Rustic Elegance, Dining Decor, Natural Materials

Factory Rate Applicable For Any Purchase Over 200 USD or 50 Quantity. Request For Quote To Know More.

Estimated delivery between 2024/06/17 - 2024/06/27

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